PPP (Private Placement Program)


A global tier-1 trade group that specializes in wealth enhancement for UHNW clients and has direct trading desk relationships with several top banks. Structured private program is now open for intake of qualifying invitees. Participation is restricted to informed and accredited clients with ethically made funds who have a minimum of $100M as principal amount.​

Safety of principal amount

  • Principal amount remains in client’s bank under signatory’s control;
  • Principal amount is not traded;
  • Principal amount is not used as guarantee or as reserve.

The program is structured to be risk less to the client’s principal amount, as a credit line is assigned against the capital underwritten by the trade group. The client, therefore, is involved in audit only. At no time is the client’s principal amount, or better-called Audit Fund Provider’s funds, used for the trade.

How profits are generated

Profits are generated by arbitrage trading of financial instruments using the credit line assigned to the trade group by the trading bank (client’s principal amount does not move at any time).

What arbitrage means is that the buy and sell contracts have to be “in hand” before the trade takes place, making it the safest way to trade. This method not only guarantees that no “speculative trading” risk will be taken; it also secures a margin for each trade. Trades are carried out on a daily basis.

client’s profit information

  • Monthly profits- 30% paid out / 70% invested in project financing;
  • Compounding – client may roll up to 50% of profits to next month’s trade;
  • Payouts are weekly and in arrears.

Procedures – (Client with $100m+ Cash in his bank accounT)

  1. NDA is signed and trade group’s details are enclosed;
  2. Client Submits The Following:
    1. Know your customer (KYC) documentation;
    1. Proof of Asset: Client instructs his banker to send him an e-mail cc’d to the secure email of the trade group director, which includes an attached letter signed by two bank officers confirming the principal amount in the client’s bank account.
  3. Upon confirmation of client’s Proof of Asset, trade group director will contact client directly to arrange contract details. A legally binding letter of commitment is provided by trade group director to the client.
  4. Client’s bank completes required bank-to-bank confirmation of funds.
  5. Upon completion of funds confirmation, trade group director provides a contract to the client, which contains a live transaction code issued by the trading bank. Contract is lodged with the trading bank.
  6. Client is placed in the program within 4-5 business days after contract is signed.
  7. Note #1: If the client has funds in Barclays bank London; HSBC London or DBS Singapore, the transaction will be completed internally.
  8. Note #2: If the client has funds deposited in any other top 50 banks, trade group may set up an account at that bank and settle internally.

If client matches and interested to proceed, kindly contact me.