Project Funding


We will fund your project, if you meet 3 basic rules:

  • You are a seasoned entrepreneur and have proven experience;
  • You have the cash equity required;
  • Your project is shovel ready.

Funding options

  1. 5% cash equity – to be on account with the funder ($100M+ loan).
  2. 20% cash equity – to remain in borrower’s account ($10M+ loan).
  3. If the promoter has $100M+ cash in an accepted bank, funding streams of 100% non-recourse each month.
  4. Monthly non-recourse funding streams of 10% of the deposit amount in your bank (Min €5M deposit, European banks only).
    [Note: available also as investment opportunity without project].


1. Pre-application summary form is filled and signed to receive initial interest.
2. Project paperwork is submitted + POF.
3. Approval by soft signatory.
4. Application package filled.
5. Term sheet issued and the deck goes to underwriters approval.
6. Funder issues contract. Promoter and funder execute contract.
7. Cash equity deposit placed by promoter.
8. Funding commences.

Have a qualifying project? contact me.