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“Social Trading Leadership – your opportunity to own a profitable investment business that helps people enter the financial world”

Dear colleague,

After establishing a very successful Social Trading Community, I nowadays help suitable people around the world, to establish their own social trading community – to become social trading leaders.I have experience in 5 relevant fields that helped me succeed: Internet marketing, social media, sales, trading and tutoring.With this proven combination of knowledge and success in implementation, I look for chosen motivated people to help them succeed like me – Here is a small example:

Using my Social Trading Community Leader system, I achieved a 35% conversion from leads to clients, and a 650% ROI on my advertising budget! This is what I also want you to achieve – Plus very loyal clients who see you as their guide and mentor. You get recognition as a Leader, in addition of course to a very nice periodical payout 🙂

What’s even more great about the whole thing? That my service is free of charge thanks to eToro’s support, so it may be possible for you to get my system Plus all my knowledge & expertise – for free!

How do you know if you are suitable for my program? Suitable people are ones with a lot of motivation and love for social trading idea, plus experience in On-line marketing, the more the merrier of course 🙂

How can you join? Simply. I now kindly ask of you to invest a few minutes of your time to answer these questions (All your information will remain strictly confidential):

Please bear in mind that the time I can invest here is very limited, since I have my own social trading community to run. That’s why it is very important for me to invest my efforts only in a few dedicated and suitable people, and this information will help me determine whether we are suited to work together on this venture, and what is the best form to do so.

After receiving your information, I will personally be in contact with you.
Looking forward to great mutual business,

Shai Baaton,
Social Trading Community Leaders’ Program Mentor

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